Other Works

After participating in a television dating show, Maggie Simons is ready to settle back into her small-town lifestyle; but when her ex-beau and reality tv hunk Grayson Wynters is found murdered in his vacation home, Maggie has some questions. When Maggie herself falls victim to a stalker, her former friend and sexy Private Investigator Damon Ybarra is her only ally. The clock is ticking as Damon and Maggie hunt this hunter before Maggie becomes his next victim; Only what if the culprit is closer than Maggie ever thought?

Adrienne Scott never imagined finding love in the midst of war- especially when her true love is Sergei Zakharov, a Russian soldier. When Sergei rescues Adrienne from certain death, the two can’t ignore their growing attraction or the danger it poses. As their forbidden love affair unfolds, the two must keep their relationship a secret from Sergei’s people, especially Kirill, who wants Adrienne for himself. Adrienne’s plight grows increasingly dangerous when she is conscripted to serve as medical personnel on the Russian military base, where the soldiers there auction her away in an underground fighting ring. Will Sergei get there in time to save the woman he loves from a familiar enemy? Or will the impossible circumstances of war and hate overcome what they have with each other?

Pax Lake, located in the sleepy town of Justice, Texas, is not your average summer tourist destination. Plagued by a centuries-old legend of forbidden love, betrayal, and revenge, the peculiar residents here whisper of ghosts and vanishings.

Here, strangers disappear all the time.

Aaron, an up-and-coming journalist, sees the lore as a golden opportunity to investigate the legends and write an editorial about it. Together with his girlfriend Adalynn, Aaron reserves the haunted cabin by the lake, where they will stay a week, uncovering the closely guarded mysteries of the missing tourists and the ‘Lady of the Lake.’ Strange incidences begin to unfold, and the two find themselves in the crosshairs of a long-standing debt, and a ferryman that knows more than he tells. Will they make it out alive? Or will they join the long list of missing strangers?

As it turns out, Pax Lake is anything but peaceful.

Eighteen-year-old Raven Thatcher is a coyote shapeshifter and newly promoted pack warrior. On the eve of her first duty assignment, Raven is attacked by her boyfriend Jonathan, who has turned feral. Rescued by a beautiful stranger in the forest, Raven immediately becomes infatuated with the man in tribal art, the one who watches her in the shadows.

When tragedy strikes the pack, Raven hunts for justice, forging her own path between duty and desire, honor and love. Based on the centuries-old Navajo legend of Ma’ii, Coyote spins a web of suspense, mystery, and seduction that will keep readers guessing until the last paragraph.